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Radio planning and optimization of mobile networks

Radio planning and optimization of mobile networks

Within the planning and optimization of mobile operators radio networks, we offer following services:

Radio network planning:


Measurement of interference level

Data collection on the existing network

The selection and inspection the place for base stations installation

Carrying out drive test and analysis of the drive test results

Calculation of a network capacity

Modelling of a network covering

Frequency planning and planning of PN codes


Optimization of a radio network:


Analysis of statistical data of a network productivity

Carrying out drive test and analysis of drive test results

Optimization of the frequency plan and PN codes

Changes of handover communications list, updating of the neighboring cells lists

Optimization of radio network parameters

Optimization of a radio network covering

Balancing of a traffic

Analysis of statistic indicators of the worst sectors

Analysis of subscriber’s complaints

Analysis of network trends

Optimization of a radio network on borders of the contiguous states

"Turn-key" construction

"Turn-key" construction

Turnkey construction implies a full range of works from the position search and selection, to the equipment installation and the telecommunications facility commissioning.

In Avrora Service company, a well-coordinated team of experienced builders works on each project. The staff has its own specialization: design, execution of documents for the construction site, preparatory, construction, and installation works, adjustment and commissioning, as well as subsequent legalization of construction projects. Due to the centralized control and the well-coordinated work of all specialists, it is possible to achieve a high speed of facilities construction.


Within telecommunication objects "turn-key" construction, we carry out the following types of works:


    Search and the choice of position for construction

    Preparation and coordination of project documentation

    Conclusion of land lease and redemption

    Order and delivery of a metalwork, development of DMW drawings

Receipt and implementation of electricity specifications

    Supply of materials and equipment

    Construction works, including set-up and installation of the monolithic and combined bases, installation of a metalwork of tower and mast type, set-up of lightning protection and grounding, installation of technological containers

    Installation of equipment, control and start in operation

Preparation and registration of sanitary passports of objects

    Preparation and carrying out acceptance tests

The metalwork production

The metalwork production

Avrora Service is engaged in the production of metalwork in the cities of Almaty and Shymkent.

The products made by our shops of a metalwork:

  • All-metal and combined containers for the telecommunication equipment installation
  • Monopole on an unloading frame up to 16 m high
  • Trihedral mast on an unloading frame with extensions up to 18 m high
  • Trihedral mast with extensions up to 30 m high
  • Three and Tetrahedral self-supporting towers up to 40 m high
  • Cable bridges
  • Anti-vandal protections for containers, base stations like "outdoor" and AMC
  • Metalwork according to the Customer drawings of any complexity
Design surveys

Design surveys

Design is one of the most important stages of the project implementation. Specialists of the Avrora Service company, having significant experience in the design of systems and communication networks, with great attention to every stage of design.

As part of the full cycle of designing systems and communication networks, we offer the following services:

    Carrying out of pre-project researches
    Development of engineering solutions for deployment of communication network equipment
    Drawing up the specification of equipment and materials
    Development of measures to ensure SE during installation and construction
    Execution of project documentation in accordance with GOST
    Preparation of estimate calculations and carrying out an expertise

    Conducting visual demonstration presentations of project documentation
    Coordination and commissioning of necessary project sections 

Installation, swap and adjustment of equipment

Installation, swap and adjustment of equipment

Significant experience of Avrora Service employees in installation, setup and swap of telecommunication equipment is a guarantee of high quality of uninterrupted operation of equipment.


The certification system through which each employee passes provides the high technological level of the works carried out at works installation, the guaranteed observance of safety regulations.


Uniqueness of the service provided by us consists in the guaranteed quality of works at height (install operations, hinged works), and the control system (obligatory certification of employees, filling out work orders for all work) allows to provide the high level of safety of the carried-out works.



Within installation and control telecommunication, we offer the following services:


    Delivery of the equipment to an installation point

    Installation of combined containers for the base stations equipment, attended and unattended booster stations placement

    Installation works of antenna-feeder systems (installation work at height), radio relay and sector antennas of mobile operators

    Works of all types antenna-mast constructions assembly

    Installation of the climatic equipment

    Installation of the telecommunication equipment cabinets and racks

    Installation of power supply systems cabinets and racks, of rechargeable batteries and sources of uninterruptible power supply

    Laying of signal cable infrastructure

    Laying of the supply cable infrastructure

    Switching crosses patching

    Setting of equipment entrance/output parameters

Installation and configuration of the software for all types of equipment

Security systems installation and maintenance

Security systems installation and maintenance

The Avrora Service company cooperates with the global suppliers of security systems. We are engaged in design, installation, deployment, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of security systems.

We offer the following solutions:

  • CCTV
  • Security and fire alarm system
  • Warning and evacuation management systems; voice notification and music broadcast.
  • Access control and management systems
  • And also electrotechnical, installation, lighting equipment and cabinets, boards and cable products