• Radio planning and optimization of mobile networks

    Radio planning and optimization of mobile networks

  • Design researches

    Design researches

  • Production of a metalwork

    Production of a metalwork

  • "Turn-key" construction

    "Turn-key" construction

  • Installation, replacement and control of the equipment

    Installation, replacement and control of the equipment

About company

More then 2500 base stations
contracted for mobile operators
Swap of more then
6500 sites
Optimization of radio interface for
4G LTE base stations
Installation of more then 300 sites of
fixed and mobile network and switching
subsystems (NSS), GPON and access
network equipment

Avrora Service

We are talented, dynamic team of professionals ready to offer services in the sphere of telecommunications!

Avrora Service has been founded in 2007 and offers a full number of decisions and services in the field of planning, design, construction, optimization, operation and development of telecommunication networks of various range and a technological level; performance of building of "turn-key" telecommunication objects with carrying out a full operation period.

We offer services in the field of telecommunication in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with regional offices in Almaty, Karagandy, Shymkent cities. We have representative offices in Belarus, Russia and Uzbekistan.

In Almaty and Shymkent cities operate own workshops on production of a metalwork of any complexity.

We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and are always ready to expand geography of the activity.

Mobile direction
Design, construction and installation of more than 2500 cellular base stations of "turn-key". Installation and replacement of the equipment of more than 6500 cellular base stations and radio relay communication lines
Installation of more than 300 objects of the equipment
Central exchange of Cellular communication and optical nodes of data transmission Carrying out drive tests and optimization of more than 7000 base stations of networks of the CDMA, EVDO, GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE standards
Preparation and coordination of specifications on power supply, sanitary passports and protocols of electromagnetic compatibility of communication objects in SES
Optical direction
Design and construction of OFTS for a basic transport network of the mobile and fixed operators
Laying and service of OFTS of FTTH type for ensuring access to the Internet of end users
Emergency, recovery, and routine maintenance of OFTS
System integration
Design, delivery and construction of video surveillance, monitoring and control of access systems
Development and deployment of the software systems of automation (including Medical information systems)
Design, delivery and installation of conditioning and fire extinguishing system
Delivery of the computer, telecommunication and power equipment and the accompanying materials. Installation and integration into the existing infrastructure of the Customer


+7 727 313 19 93 (multichannel)

+7 727 313 19 93 (fax)
Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00
The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050060, Almaty
Khojanov Street 79, “Avrora” BC